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Theft Program:

Iincludes Shoplifting / Theft / Grand Theft / Theft by Check / Credit Card Fraud

The ACF Mileposts Theft Program is a cognitive behaviorally based education program designed to help make a correction with those challenged with the issues concerning theft behaviors.  Just as people are unique, so are the reasons behind the various forms of theft.  Circumstances and situations vary widely as do the reasons why people choose to steal.  Specific discussion concerning the law is explored in a meaningful way to help participants understand what actions are actually considered theft.  Prevention efforts are currently very sophisticated and state of the art. Consequences may be severe.  It is shared with each class, "It isn't a question of if you will get caught, only when" ...if you continue to steal.  Each participant is encouraged to examine all of the situations in the class so as to better prepare for similar temptations.  All question are encouraged.


ACF Mileposts classes are conducted in a format allowing each client live, hands on involvement.  Appropriate for those offenders who may need the educational advantage to help insure they will not re-violate (Misdemeanor or Felony).  Minimum age is 18 yrs., and not gender specific.  No minimum educational level is required since the program is primarily discussion.  Elderly participants are very appropriate to help them deal with their unique challenges.  Family members, friends and interpreters welcome at no charge (one per class participant).  No pre-qualification requirements, pretesting or other means of targeting the "easy cases"     are used to improve our recidivism numbers that are about 2.3 to 7% statewide.