Impulse Control


Each year, millions of dollars are lost because one person chooses to take another person's property. This program demonstrates how attitudes can override a person's sense of right and wrong and cause them to behave contrary to their basic values and beliefs.

Understanding why a person shoplifts, and learning to behave differently when similar circumstances arise is the focus of this program. Offenders will learn how certain attitudes can override their sense of right and wrong and cause behavior that contradicts their beliefs and values.

The negative impact of shoplifting on society, the retailer and the offender's self-esteem will be explored. The program helps participants recognize the factors that led to their behavior and teaches them the skills required to make a better choice in the future.

Each person is encouraged to accept his or her mistakes and make a commitment to never repeat the act again. Participants will regain the self-confidence they lost through the act and strengthen their ability and resolve to act in a positive manner.

During the Shoplifting program, participants will:

1. Understand the process of changing negative behavior. 
2. Discover how attitudes can override values. 
3. Learn how to avoid negative influences. 
4. Develop a plan to alter present behavior. 
5. Establish positive, goal-directed behavior patterns. 
6. Understand what led to unlawful behavior. 
7. Learn about themselves and others in their lives. 
8. Acquire the skills needed to successfully change their negative behavior.
9. Make a firm commitment never to shoplift again.