ACF Mileposts Foundation, Inc. began operations as a not for profit provider of educational services in 1986 in the State of Florida.  Originally, ACF Mileposts Foundation, Inc. was known as Amicus Curiae Foundation (ACF), Latin for friend of the Court...  Our first programs were juvenile cognitive behavioral modification classes in Seminole and Orange Counties, Florida.  These classes were known as Mileposts classes or “The Mileposts Program”.

 Shortly after establishing youth programs, ACF established adult programs in Seminole, Brevard and Hillsborough Counties, Florida.  As ACF grew, there was increasing difficulty with the name Amicus Curiae Foundation (pronunciation and recognition).  To maintain familiarity with our organization, in 1989, the decision was made to combine the acronym  “ACF” and the name of our juvenile program “Mileposts” and secure the status of a Florida not for Profit Corporation.  ACF Mileposts Foundation, Inc. has performed cognitive behavioral educational rehabilitative services under this name to present day.

 ACF Mileposts Foundation services the Courts, State Attorney Offices, Department of Corrections, Probation Departments, Public Defenders Offices and Private Attorney’s throughout the State of Florida.  ACF programs and classes are offender specific and have been designed to facilitate behavioral changes in the referred defendants (clients) attending specified ACF classes.  ACF Mileposts Classes has become an integrated part of Court Ordered Programs, Prosecution Diversion and Probation Programs.

 Services are offered on a Misdemeanor and Felony Level.  Program content is that of the National Curriculum Training Institute (NCTI).  All classes provided by ACF Mileposts Foundation use the NCTI (National Curriculum Training Institute) curriculum.  The NCTI curriculum carries the accreditation of the APPA (American Probation and Parole Association) and is being offered throughout the United States.   Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of the referring agencies and their clients.  

 ACF Mileposts conducts face to face cognitive behavioral classes designed for maximum impact with our clients.  Programs are conducted on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the State of Florida.  For our Spanish Speaking clients, mail in clients and for other clients where travel or health concerns create a hardship; ACF Mileposts offers an exception to our primary classes with a “Home Study Program”.  It is however strongly recommended all clients attend live classes wherever possible.   

In addition to criminal education classes, ACF Mileposts also offers seminars and training sessions for businesses and government agencies.

These seminars and training sessions have been taught to Fortune 500 companies, military branches and various government agencies throughout the country.