Terms and Conditions

 ACF Mileposts Class Registration:   VERY IMPORTANT for Admission to your required Class:

1. Prepayment credit card receipt or Money Order due at the beginning of class.

2. ACF Mileposts class confirmation emailed to you,

3. Your Court or State Attorney paperwork with your case number and a picture ID. Classes may close due to full capacity.

If you should fail to attend your scheduled class, someone else may be denied their opportunity to attend and complete in a timely manner.

If for any reason you arrive late (9:01a.m. or later) or do not attend your scheduled class, you agree to forfeit all fees and pay for a new class registration.

Class registration does not insure successful class completion.

You must schedule, successfully attend, participate and complete all of the ACF Mileposts Education Class(es) for which you register.

You have successfully attended, participated, and completed the entire class, your class registration fee will be converted to your class fee, with no additional fees being charged.

Upon successful completion at the end of your class or program, the Instructor will issue a class completion certificate.

It is your responsibility to ensure your referring agent, Court or agency receives the completion certificate.

If you should lose the certificate issued to you in class, you will have to pay an additional FULL CLASS FEE! Don’t lose it.

The ACF Mileposts Offender Education class(s) may be described in a number of different ways by Officers, Courts and agencies; with varying descriptions and titles.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are reserving the correct class to fulfill the requirements specified by your Attorney, the Court or the State Attorney’s Office.

If there is any question, please call the Offices of the ACF Mileposts Foundation, Inc. during business hours and speak with a live attendant.

Office hours are 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday thru Friday. REGISTRATION PROCESS: By prepaying for the class, you agree to attend the scheduled class you selected and you are assured a seat only in that scheduled class.

Fill in the information requested on the reservation form.

An * indicated required information to continue registration.  

To register for a class, click the”_____________” button and follow the instructions. You must fill in all required information indicated with a * in front of the box.

You must also check any boxes which may have an * beside it; or you will be unable to advance to the next step.  

Follow the steps which will help you select the class, date and location.

If at any time you feel you would like to change your mind and not register, just stop and do not submit your credit card information and return to the main menu.  

Option 1: Prepay for the class using a credit card. ALL charges for reserving a program or class are nonrefundable (NO REFUNDS). Be sure you are scheduling the correct class. Input your credit card information and print your credit card payment receipt.

You must have your credit card receipt and the email registration confirmation from ACF Mileposts Foundation for entry into your reserved class.  

Option 2: Schedule and reserve a class and receive by following the steps described under this option. You must obtain a Money Order in the correct amount payable to “ACF” which will be due at the beginning of class.

No Credit Cards, personal checks or cash will be accepted at the class! You must to attend your scheduled class to avoid class registration/admission penalties.

An additional $10.00 processing fee will be assessed for any registration following a missed class.  

I Agree to all terms and conditions as set forth in the preceding class registration requirements.